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That cocktail tasting afternoon...

A while ago, we had a cocktail tasting afternoon at the Bordello, and at the time I wrote stuff down about the things we were tasting. I've been meaning to go over it and tidy it up fit for print, but I've decided to just publish in verbatim, in true gonzo journalism form. Unfortunately, it's not nearly as funny as that might imply, but it's at least informative.

Hennessey VS Cognac

jwm: A bit like whiskey

ozy: A bit like turps.

Brandy Alexander

1 measure cognac
1 measure brown cream de cacao
1 cream

Shake with ice, pour and sprinkle nutmeg or chocolate over it. We had
white cream de cacao, so I added Ice Magic for colour, but that tends to
congeal with the ice.

jwm: Good, but strong. The whif of nutmeg makes it pleasant going down.

ozy: Straight to my head. Definitely better than straight cognac.

Phil: Positively received.

Overall rating: Good!

Blue Shark

1 measure vodka
1 measure tequila
1/2 measure blue Curacao

Shake with ice, pour into an old fashioned glass, and squeeze the oils of
an orange rind over the result.

jwm: Tastes like tequila! Yuck

ozy: Like tequila, only blue

Phil: For tequila fans only.

Overall rating: Bad!

Massively improved by the addition of pineapple juice.


1.5 measures vodka
1 measure Cointreau
1 measure cranberry juice
0.5 measures lime juice

Shake over ice and strain.

We used double cranberry and freshly squeezed lime.

jwm: Nice, but it could do with half the lime.

Phil: Nice and sharp for the lime, but could do with less. Very drinkable

Ozy: Very nice.

Overall: Good


1 measure Franjelico
1 measure dark Cream de Cacao (a creamy one is good)
1 measure Tia Maria
1 measure Irish Cream (Baileys, say)
1 measure of something else that I've forgotten.

Cream (lots)
Chocolate sauce (ice magic stuff that you put on ice cream and forms a
hard shell is the best)
Hazelnuts, diced
Chocolate sprinkles (a crushed Flake bar works)

Chill the martini glasses, then drizzle in the honey and the chocolate
sauce around the inside surface of the glass, then put it back in the

Pour all the liquor in a shaker with ice and top up with cream, shake,
then pour into the martini glasses. Sprinkle with chocolate topping.

These are great and everyone loves them. The ones they make at
Toast are pretty similar, but use more milk and cream and are served as a

Overall Rating: Wicked.

Piña colada:

A hollowed out pineapple
Pineapple juice (you need more than you can get out of the pulp)
1 measure white rum
1 measure Malibu (or Wipeout, if your cheap, like me)

We actually made a Blue Hawaiian, which is the same, but with Blue
Curaçao. This would be a fine drink if it wasn't served in a pineapple...

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